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Funny Jokes: How Come ... Baby Come

.....Once there was a young Red Indian couple who just got married.
After 6 months of marital bliss, the wife was still unable to conceive, so the
husband brought her to the Medicine Man. The husband asked the Medicine
Man: "Many moons come, Many moons go; I come, Baby no come, How come?"

The Medicine Man told the husband to go to the Blue mountains and
meditate there for 9 months. After 9 months had passed, he came down from the
mountains, and was surprised to see that his wife had a baby.

So he brought her again to see the Medicine Man, and the husband asked
him: "Many moons come , Many moons go, I no come, Baby come, How come?" The
Medicine Man turned to the wife for an answer. She replied: "Many moons
come, Many moons go, You no come, Many men come...."

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